More questions than answers

It was admitted by the MOD themselves that since 1990, 1,750 British service personnel have been found dead under suspicious circumstances within the confines of their own barracks. 

In the first world war British Generals were responsible for the execution of soldiers that refused to serve on the front line due to battle fatigue or shell shock.  Our generals knew that the chances of them surviving the no mans land between the British and German trenches were nil as they were exposed to the German snipers, yet still they ordered hundreds of our young men to their deaths this way.

Since our men have been in Iraq and Afghanistan their emails have been restricted and I have yet to find 1 blog on the web written by a currently serving member of our Army.  We know that the MOD has banned them from selling their stories to the press – but none of us get paid for blogging or sharing our experiences – where are our troops blogs?

Our journalists live in fear as Freedom of speech is being quashed at every given opportunity


They say it is our soldiers that give us the right to exercise our freedom of speech but the question has to be asked; Who exactly is it that is denying our soldiers of theirs?

The words “corporate manslaughter” spring to mind but alas here in Britain we have a blanket exemption for the MOD




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