Google Earth – I’m sure there is a logical explanation

As you may already know it was the British who invented the first concentration camps in the Boar War.

You might not know;

The Parachute Regiment is frequently the SAS’s main recruiting area.

I’ve has a fascinating journey on google earth of late.  I’ve travelled from my own chair to all four corners of the globe, indeed even Terhan has proved it has nothing to hide. 

Then I tried several times to no avail to see if I could see my own back garden.  Alas I’m nothing but a blur on my very own landscape.  I decided to zoom out a little to see if I could recognise my own home county.  I like cows, there was an article on the news once that said cows are gentile creatures and one farmer said that playing them gentle music helped the milk production. So I found a cowshed (it looked like a cow shed) and I have to ask given the cows slightly nervous disposition why a farmer would want to situate them next to an airport.  After finding the cowsheds I’m still looking for the cows.

I found one of those underground bunkers I’ve heard about and an RAF base – I’m hoping it’s oil on the tarmac given our MOD’s track record.  As it’s on google earth and anyone can have a peek I’ve took the liberty of taking a few pic’s for my blog.

As you can’t see my own home due to heavy censorship or something I took a few pic’s of the local landmarks on my way to the shop tonight so you can get an idea for yourselves.

Thank’s for reading my blog.

(Since writing this blog google earth has put us back on the map, however it is a good few years out of date as you will notice by the absence of big blue trampolines in the gardens and the odd building that has now been demolished or rebuilt.)


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