The Plight of the British Countryside

An abuser loves nothing more than to single out and isolate their victims, leaving a feeling of helplessness and despair that there is no one to turn too for help. Very soon in our country the whole face of traditional British farming will be transformed beyond all recognition.  Being strangulated by a mass of red tape the farmer is no longer allowed to serve our country by growing our own crops or providing us with our own meat (They are told what they can grow but economics is forcing them out of business) and the bulk of EU farming subsides – that’s your taxes – comes back into Britain to subsides the wealthy land owners like Her Majesty,1518,418216,00.html   In a world where we are being force fed ecological and environmental solutions I would have thought the very first step for us would have been to become self sufficient. To spite the warnings of the politicians the exact opposite is happening to the men who have toiled our land in a time honored tradition that’s as steeped in history as any of our Kings or Queens.  Our farmers are as isolated as anyone who wants to see and try to make a real difference in our country for the sake of everyone’s children.


Here in Lincolnshire we don’t have any fancy crop circles to speak off but in a field just down the road from RAF Scampton we do have a picture that perhaps says it all. (You might have to click on the picture to see what I mean)

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