Market USA

Since being wired up to the internet I’ve had loads of dodgy offers of blatantly illegal banking opportunities that I’ve stashed away just in case the police ever want to pay me a visit. I’ve filled them under “bribery and corruption“, you’ve probably had a few yourself where you’ve ended up daydreaming about what you could do with a few million in the bank? I figured it was more like blood money bribes by MI5 or someone to encourage me to go and do something else other than what I am doing now. Anyway I had a blank email today entitled “Market USA” and it reminded me of a man I never knew, nor did I listen to his words till it was way too late in the day but I did affectionately nickname him American Express in my own private world.

Looking back I found an angry kind of song of his that if you decided to skip the rest of my blog and just listen to this one song you, might just about sum up my blog and my life in 5 angry minutes.


Yet again I’m dedicating this song to my stepfather and as for all those incredible offers of cash to go and do something else I’d just like to say “no thanks I’ve already got an American Express”

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