Para’s at it again

Paras ‘filmed rape bid on recruit’

Press Association
Tuesday May 29, 2007 3:23 AM

A Parachute Regiment recruit was subjected to a sex attack filmed on a mobile telephone, it has been reported.

The trainee soldier is shown in the two-minute video being held down while another person attempts to rape him, according to the Sun,,2-2007240563,00.html  (Warning this link might be upsetting)


Isn’t this how they turn decent proud young men into brutal killers in the name of freedom and democracy though?

My step father was a Staff Sergeant in the Para’s

He said once that when the Para’s go recruiting for the SAS they don’t exactly look for the sharpest shot or the man with the best memory, they look for those with an ability to butcher without it affecting their conscience. Sorry to shatter any delusions you might have about our elite. I think I best warn you they have been known to pose as American’s too, well my son’s father certainly did. They don’t play by the rules or fair at all.

I’ve been hounded all of my life by men with no conscience and an inability to work out the difference between right from wrong. I wonder sometimes what’s left to defend and then I remember, I’m a mother.


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