The Truth

A file leading to Brompton Barracks

A statement by the MoD about Freemasonry

The following instruction sets out guidance governing the membership by members of the armed forces of societies such as freemasons: there is no intention or policy to preclude service personnel from membership of any lawful and benevolent organisation. However, involvement in organisations of a secretive nature, such as the freemasons, carries with it the risk of establishing disparate loyalties which may have a destabilising influence on the chain of command, not least by the perception of preferential treatment and undue influence. While membership of such organisations is clearly a matter for the individuals concerned, serving personnel should not encourage or promote membership amongst their colleagues, meetings should not be held on MOD premises, and use should not be made of any MOD property.

Ministry of Defense
United Kingdon
New 2001 Department


My step father visited Brompton barracks a week before the London bombings. He was also in Gibraltar (a British military base on 9/11) He is also a fully qualified explosives expert.

I emailed and asked him about the Twin Towers coming down due to a controlled demolition.

This is part of his reply;

"You were correct, I do know what happened at the twin towers but I feel that if I were to champion you in that cause……………………"

Of course he continued with an excuse that I can’t publish on here or I may get thrown off, I’ve been shut down and warned a few times already.


So there you have it in Black and White. I’ve had a bit of a battle just to get this far, much to my deepest regret I’m telling the truth just like I have always tried too.

In view of the fact that this is a time of war and our military men (apart from the top brass that is) have been placed into dangerous situations and in view of the fact that the implications I have made are so serious – if I was not telling the truth by rights I should have been locked up or charged with something a long time ago.

My step father complained to the police about me making “allegations” some months ago – he was told to see a solicitor.

I have been to the police and I have not been charged with wasting their time.

It is my belief our men were set up.

Yours sincerely

Miss Ann-Marie Smith

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