Britain – the truth



On June 1st, 1951, in the course of a top secret meeting held in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal, Canada, Britain and Canada joined forces with the Central Intelligence Agency to "Research into the general phenomena indicated by such terms as "confessions," "menticide," "intervention in the individual mind," together with methods concerned in psychological coercion, change of opinions and attitudes, etcetra."[3] The participants that represented senior and renown ranks from the military, intelligence and scientific communities were: Dr. Haskins, Dr. Donald Hebb (a Defence Research Board University Advisor – Canada), Dr. Ormond Solandt (Chairman, Defence Research Board – Canada), Dancy (MI6), Dr. N.W. Morton (A staff member of Defence Research Board – Canada), Tyhurst, Commander Williams, and Sir Henry Tizard (Chairman, Advisory Council on Scientific Policy and Defence Research Policy Committee, Ministry of Defence, Britain).[4] This was the beginning of a close cooperation which lasted throughout the BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and the MKULTRA projects. Whilst accidental survival of some of the records on these programmes and in particular MKULTRA establishes the documentary evidence about Canadian government’s involvement in MKULTRA programmes, the information on Britain’s participation or cooperation due to continuous British Government’s policy of secrecy remains sketchy.[5, and 6]

In Britain most medical military records (the ones which are left) have a 100 year closed order on them as they are property of the crown.  Her Majesty isn’t budging, anyone got a crowbar?

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