I was so impressed with this article I’m putting it on my blog again;

BAE man was free to roam MoD offices

Rob Evans and David Leigh
Tuesday March 20, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Here are some quotes from the article;

The MoD has admitted that "a variety of passes" are issued to BAE executives, but insisted that it would cost too much taxpayers’ money to list them.

"It is the most powerful evidence of the incestuous relationship between the MoD and BAE".

Mr Scopes is one of hundreds of ministers and officials who have left the Ministry of Defence and subsequently joined arms companies, such as BAE, in what has been dubbed the "revolving door".

Three years ago, this committee said the number of MoD officials seeking work with the arms company was so significant that they described it as "traffic".


(Doesn’t it kind of make you wonder – with all of those vested interests at stake -who was threatening the Serious Fraud Office with terrorism in the latest BAE scandal though?)

Speaking of perverting the course of justice, these two news articles are about rendition flights.

The EU tells us one thing


And a senior police man tells us another


You don’t think our police have had another visit from the heavy mob from do you?

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