I’d like to see our troops come home now – I never wanted to see them used and abused in the first place.


We (Britain) helped Israel build the nuclear bomb (behind America’s back)


We helped arm Saddam


As you know we armed the Saudi’s


And what do we do when we have developed one of the most dangerous situations on earth? We send 18 year old boys over there with a British army issue rifle to take the wrath of an understandably traumatized and grieving nation, through no fault of their own.

I’d like to see our boys come home, not to give them a break or abandon responsibilities, but to sort out the war mongers and profiteers that have cashed in on all of our tears.

After all perverting the course of justice is still meant to be a criminal offence in this country and if someone is stopping our police force from doing their job – then British justice has severely let us all down.


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