An inside job

9/11 was an inside job, so was 7/7


The reason I could never blame our troops for the mess we have helped create is because most of my life I swallowed other people’s manipulative half truth’s and if that is a crime then I am guilty too. It took me years before I realised I was being manipulated. For years I didn’t realise that my step father was as high in the British military industrial complex as I now know to be true, I was always told he had retired from the army. I had no idea what so ever that he still associated with British military Top Brass. I knew that his son was one of the town’s major drug dealers that the police didn’t want to touch (or couldn’t) but again I didn’t see the connection. I do remember having a row with my stepfather and my mother when they had just got back from Gibraltar (September 2001), it was the first time in my life I’d asked them to leave my home. I still didn’t see it though. It was after that he started taking my mother to more and more military do’s. They even dined in the Tower of London being waited on hand and foot by the young Para’s that had just passed out who were awaiting their first tour of Iraq. I still didn’t see. Before the London bombings I had only recently got the internet and learned that the MoD had issued a statement forbidding Freemasons to congregate on their premises. My mother had told me he had been invited to a boys only function at Brompton barracks. I thought it strange and told her so. A week later the bombs went off, it was one of those stomach churning events where everything I had ever believed and thought of someone I was led to believe I could trust was brought into question. I started remembering my childhood and the statements he’d made. Who he told me he’d put “the evil eye” on and how powerful he was. Things came back that I would have preferred to forget. I had on the 5th of April of 2005 received an email from him, as he is an explosives expert I had asked him if would give a fully qualified opinion of the Twin Towers being demolished. Although I had his answer there in black and white I found it very very difficult to get my head around. He admitted he knew what had happened but wasn’t prepared to say, after his visit to Brompton barracks and the events that followed reality hit me like a tonne of bricks. I realised why it was that I once received a death threat for emailing the MOD objecting to the war. For the first time in my life I realised why I had been stalked and terrorised by men I never knew and my step father playing the big hero always promised he would protect the family. Getting my head around this has been one of the most difficult things in my life. How could I expect anyone else to believe me when it has taken me so long, and I have had some very difficult and painful lessons along the way to prove it, but how could I expect anyone else to believe me when at first I couldn’t comprehend the significance of what I‘d been through myself?

Every single time something dreadful has happened for years now it has cut to the core of my being and I could never understand why it hurt, I just knew it did. For as long as I can remember I had no choice but to agree to differ in my opinions with my step father. When he made statements such as “kill em all and let God sort it out” it made me angry but at no time did I ever imagine that he had the power or authority to carry out such barbaric acts.

I really and truly don’t know how to express how sorry I am for being so blind and confused for most of my life. Everything or one I have ever loved or respected seemed to be on the receiving end of some (unknown to me at the time) targeting. When you get to the point where you fear for everything or one you ever cared about the lesson is that it is safer for all concerned – not to care. Being human has been my biggest downfall because I always cared and it always hurt when they used that against me.

I just needed to say I’m sorry. I’ve emailed the MOD under the freedom of information act to ask them if they have my medical military records from when I was four years old. If they find them I will be able to prove I’ve been under British mind control for most of my life – one of the chosen few. Waking up and opening my eyes only to see that everyone I ever trusted to be on my side was in fact controlling and using me has been difficult to come to terms with but what this evil regime has done has been even harder to deal with.

The MOD has a 100 year closed policy on most of it’s records. I hope I don’t have to wait till I’m 104 to prove myself. Our troops have a right to know this stuff now.

I am so very sorry that any of this has happened.



This is what someone decided to name a file that leads directly to a plan of Brompton Barracks

999 is the British equivalent to the American emergency number 911

You can work it out for yourself.

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