I was delighted to learn that the

Lords rule that forces must respect rights


And then I got to thinking about all those bereaved families of our British forces that have longed for a public inquiry into the deaths of their loved ones too.

I wonder, after all that I have learned about our troops right’s to freedom of speech and the way that they themselves have been treated, if they themselves, now that this law has been passed would not be better of in a British prison?

They would be entitled to proper food. No more sleep deprivation, no more faulty equipment that could get them killed or having to wait for medical assistance, no more top brass to treat them like third class individuals and if they were really fortunate perhaps one day they might even be entitled to proper legal representation in a court of law?

I don’t mean to down play in anyway the significance of the Lords ruling or the grief and heartbreak of the families in Iraq. I sincerely believe they should have both compensation and justice but they also say charity begins at home. I just think it’s a shame that our troops human rights and their families aren’t recognised in such a manner by our legal system, that’s all.

I know it’s a vein hope but I still want to believe in justice for all.

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