The Wonderful Virtues of The Heroin Trade (if you happen to be a mass murderer that is)


What commodity could be more delightful to a mass murderer than heroin? It doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor, social class or country. Once a young vulnerable is down on his luck enough to risk that first fix he has just signed his life away to a commitment of paying his dealer for the privilege of his own death. Of course while he is busy robbing your garden shed or grandma in the vicious circle of finding his next fix he’s not going to be too concerned with asking our governments for an education or a job.

Meanwhile the very same people that have enlisted our other son’s into the military (and will put them in to prison should they decide they want out) are profiting from the very same drugs trade that they sent our son’s to oppose?

If you don’t believe me go do some homework. It’s all very well hearing on the news about all these arms being smuggled into Afghanistan but they never tell you since we went in, Afghanistan has had record crops of opium or how it gets out and who’s pocketing the cash in the process.

Here’s a link to start you off with,

It’s about big wigs like Margaret Thatcher and George Bush and it’s called;




I’m sorry for sounding bitter and cynical, I always knew I was, I just never had the evidence to prove why. And then I found the web………………



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