An angry Annie rant – democracy is a dirty lie.

The average Londoner is spotted on close circuit TV approximately 300 time’s a day and they used to call people who were convinced the security services were watching them delusional or worse. Along with the internet we’ve learnt that Britain is not a democracy at all, no matter how they try to tart it up we are still run by a bunch of permanent un elected civil servants.


The proof is there if you look for it though anyone that has ever tried their hand at political activism could have told you that democracy was dead years ago. The question that is really concerning me though is where does that leave our armed forces and who exactly is it that they are serving? Are they now a private limited company like the bank of England? Does her Majesty have the final say or is she too at the mercy of the intelligence services just like Gordon Brown, the cabinet and the rest of the riff raff like us that could potentially kick up a stink?


Is this why we are now officially the most observed nation on the entire planet by our own security/secret service? Perhaps it’s true what they say? The reason we the people are under such scrutiny is because the biggest threat to the permanent un elected government this country has is not Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran – it’s us the people that belong to the country that’s helped hold the world to ransom with our phoney justice system that’s no better than a kangaroo court.

I’m still waiting on that letter from my step fathers lawyer man that hasn’t arrived and I’m still awaiting my reply from the MoD – I’m just hoping that the MI5 boss down at Grimsby post office hasn’t decided my mail should take a detour, tampering with her Majesties mail used to be a criminal offence in this country and now that that is legal too I guess it just about sums up the character of the people that are running it.




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