The “MI” in MI5 stands for Military Intelligence – bet you already knew that?

There is an old saying that goes “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”. Sadly I understand it now. I read the following article a good while ago and needed to put it on my blog under the fair use act for the purpose of education and information sharing – or something like that.

MI5 Bugged families of soldiers at death base

Sunday Express, January 26 2003

[Believed to be missing from late editions of the paper. One wonders why the item was pulled, since the families themselves, and police officers, will know all about this investigation. It seems public money is being spent keeping this investigation from the public.]

By Tom Martin and Derek Lambie

A secret intelligence operation to spy on the families of the Deepcut victims is today exposed by the Sunday Express.

Senior officers at MI5 are understood to be working with the Army’s Special Investigation Branch to monitor their movements.

The families have been calling for an inquiry into why four soldiers have been found shot dead in suspicious circumstances at the Royal Logistic Corps camp in Deepcut, Surrey.

Last night an MI5 insider confirmed the operation – also including the GCHQ eavesdropping station – was under way.

The insider said: "It has been going on for some months. They are trying to find out what the families are up to, and if they are planning concerted action."

On Friday, surveillance specialists from Tayside Police "swept" the Perth home of one of the victims, Private James Collinson. They found signals believed to be from bugging devices coming from a phone and a lamp.

The sweep was carried out at the request of Surrey Police who are investigating the deaths of Privates Collinson, 17, Geoff Gray 17, Cheryl James 18, and Sean Benton 20. The Ministry of Defence claim all four committed suicide. But their families believe there has been a cover-up after revelations of bullying and sexual harassment at the barracks.

Surrey officers asked for the sweep after hearing noises on phone lines during conversations with relatives.

Pte Collinson’s parents, Jim and Yvonne, and other Deepcut families have repeatedly claimed their phone calls and emails are being intercepted.

Tayside police did not find any bugs but told Mrs Collinson to unplug the lamp and take precautions when using the phone. They advised her to buy a new SIM card for her mobile.

Mrs Collinson said last night, "There have been problems for months with strange noises and Ive heard a third person on the line."

At one time only the Home Secretary could authorise phone taps but new laws have given the power to the security service and chief constables. Alex Standish, editor of Jane’s Intelligence Digest, said bugging – which can only be carried out in the interests of "national security" – was hard to justify in this case.

Here’s an MoD pervert that got caught,,2-2007280412,00.html shame the rest can legally get away with it.

No wonder the free thinking intelligent Americans call those who support our sick regime Anglophiles!

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