Freedom of Speech – use it or loose it.

Iraq death inquests face longer delays

We were told that a bunch of men armed with box cutters and a couple of flying lessons between them flew two aeroplanes with the precision of highly trained fighter jet pilots into the twin towers on 9/11. We immediately invaded Afghanistan which is now the worlds largest producer of opium. We were told Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, they forgot to tell us the most lethal weapons he did have were the ones we sold to him.

To spite the rest of the world’s advice that it was illegal, we invaded Iraq.

In Britain by rights anyone who dies under suspicious circumstances is entitled to a coroners enquiry. Illegal immigrants with links to Al-Qaeda and sex offenders are by law entitled to those rights but when it comes to our own armed services their families face a long and drawn out wait and then what comes out depends entirely on the rules and regulations of military law which is an authority unto it’s self.

For now all government funding has frozen and those families are going to have to wait a bit longer – some of them have already been waiting four years.

Under the circumstances and dubious official stories we have been fed since day one I can’t help become suspicious that if the truth were ever to surface our men at the top of the food chain might be held accountable for gross negligence and even perhaps corporate manslaughter for not questioning any of the intelligence our troops were ordered to act on.

If BAE can buy and fund a Royal Jet for a Saudi, it seems to me that a freeze on funds for a coroners inquest into the deaths of our own troops is a very deliberate act to buy time – perhaps in the hope of enough time to bury any evidence of arrogant misdemeanours on our own part?

Stalling tactics to bury the truth might be a short term fix for a bunch of rat’s to jump a sinking ship but eventually the truth will out and with tactics like these perhaps their own arrogance will prove to be their biggest downfall?

It seems to me all buying time will prove is an admission of their own guilt.

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