I know I keep saying this over and over again but I have too. My stepfather is an ex parachute regiment staff sergeant that has been laundering drugs money on behalf of the son he helped set up for years. He is also a fully qualified explosives expert that admitted to me that he knew what happened at the Twin Towers on that fatal day but refused to say.

The link on this blog is to a video clip showing British soldiers in Afghanistan being ordered to leave the heroin alone. Afghanistan is now the largest heroin producer in the world.

As I’ve been trying to say for a considerable amount of time now I know a bloke with vested interests and some impressive friends.

You can report me and my blog to the police if you like but I have to tell you, I told them everything I know ages ago and both me and my blog are still here.

If you ask me I think it’s criminal the way our troops have been used and lied too.


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