Just letting off a bit of steam and years of pent up emotions – you don’t have to read it!

I heard a rumour that in Northern Ireland during the worst of the troubles the British were slipping opiates into the water supply. Now this might just be a rumour but I’ve just read this on the web;

Prozac ‘found in drinking water’

Many people choose Prozac over other antidepressants

Traces of the antidepressant Prozac can be found in the nation’s drinking water, it has been revealed.


Given our track record for the way we (the British) have valued opium as a means to declare war on others (see the book Dope, inc) and given the fact that since we invaded Afghanistan has now become the worlds largest producer of opium I’ll forgive you if your feeling a little fuzzy whilst trying to get your head around the facts.

I’ve heard it said that the Wars were about oil and the pipelines supplying it. Looking around I’m not so sure that was the only motive.

Take a nations disillusioned youth, add a drugs dealer on every street corner and should they give in to temptation all the potential trouble makers that might otherwise protest about wars, ask the money men for a job and a bit of respect or start asking too many questions are instantly way too preoccupied and paranoid to want to rock the boat. Not to mention once the system gets a grip on them, the addicts themselves become the scourge of society and yet another decoy for the men at the top of the food chain to blame for the root of societies ills.

And all the old codgers that want to blame the kid’s of today and cry out for national service? Well I think if they are so keen on it they could do a stint themselves.

Our troops, most of whom are still kids themselves have been lied too and manipulated by a whole bunch of old codgers into doing there bidding for them. Most of them join up to escape the drugs dealer on the street corner then they find themselves in some foreign land in a field of opium they are ordered to allow the farmer to cultivate.



It stinks doesn’t it?  

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