You can call me as mad as you like but I have two very brave sons that know I’m telling the truth and if that isn’t a good enough reason to do so, then I don’t know what is.

I read this with empathy today

August 2, 2005

"’One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony’" – the truth about Extraordinary Rendition

From today’s Guardian, by Stephen Grey and Ian Cobain: Suspect’s tale of travel and torture:

Alleged bomb plotter claims two and a half years of interrogation under US and UK supervision in ‘ghost prisons’ abroad.

A former London schoolboy accused of being a dedicated al-Qaida terrorist has given the first full account of the interrogation and alleged torture endured by so-called ghost detainees held at secret prisons around the world. the full report is here;


I know I’m repeating myself but I am going to say again what I have already said before. My second sons father was also ex (so he told me) British military attached to the Reconnaissance unit (the ex is the only part I doubt). I have no doubt that we British are experts in mental cruelty and torture, I’ve been on the receiving end of enough to know that but the point I want to make yet again is this – when I first met Mr Wolfe he spoke with a prominent American accent. His alibi was that he had recently returned from the states.

My money laundering explosives expert and ex Para staff sergeant stepfather has just departed again to his favourite holiday destination which is also a British military base. It takes a short boat trip from Gibraltar to get to Morocco. If there were genuinely secret prisons in Morocco and I believe its true I would have thought being in such close proximity of our watchful eye, these prisons would be under our jurisdiction and control as opposed to America’s wouldn’t you?

If a British man can fool his fellow countrymen into thinking he was an American – which he did often when he first arrived in the town – I’m quite sure he could fool anyone else’s country men too.


These men are masters at the art of deception and illusion. One of their favourite games is playing with peoples heads which makes me wonder if the British got hold of these torture victims before the Americans they would have been so disorientated, like the man said, they would go along with anything just to stop the cruelty.

I don’t like to have to keep adding things to this blog and I certainly don’t like having to drag myself through the mud, being open to scrutiny and ridicule but the fact is I am related to an incredibly sick old control freak that’s also a very dangerous one. It has taken me years and years of walking through hell to realise who was behind the campaign against me. He must have known years ago had I realised what he was up too with the old boy network I would have been the first to expose and oppose him.

But psyops don’t work forever.

The only means I have to fight this cruel regime is with this computer and the truth.

That’s why every now and again if I remember something or think it’s relevant I put it on here for the record.

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