I wasn’t sure what to write this blog about? Travistock? & rebels with a very good cause?

Abusers often like to isolate their victims? The official secrets act? Putting our troops at risk?

It could have been about anything really – I’ve been studying the freedom of information laws which is a lot for a girl like me. The dilemma of putting anyone at risk has cost me many a sleepless night and it still does considering this blog is still going. What it boils down too is the fact that first of all I didn’t send our troops anywhere but I have an absolute conviction that they at least deserve the freedom to weigh up the facts for themselves – so long as they are truthful facts. After all aren’t we all told they are the ones that have given us our freedom of speech? Shame they don’t have that themselves! The official secrets act? Well to arrest anyone for breaking it would be an acknowledgement of it in the first place if you ask me – you might have to think about that one for a while. And the first thought that crossed my mind for a blog was the way abusers are notorious for isolating their victims – it’s a well documented fact, just ask anyone that’s ever been on the receiving end. I saw a piece on Channel 4 news tonight and that was the first thought that struck me. I’ve been trying to work our police force out for sometime now, and well on the face of it after watching this article it pretty much looked like they are as isolated in asking for or receiving help as our troops are or as anyone that has been faced with overwhelming odds and been at a loss as to know where to turn.

Check it out for yourself if you like;


If I didn’t know any better I might say that what the home office refers to as an act of God might very well have been an act of sabotage;

Police frustration

British police are seriously handicapped when making extradition requests. They have to guess where a suspect has gone and file the paperwork, making the process slow and inefficient.The Buncefield oil depot fire caused millions of pounds worth of damage in 2005 but it also damaged a vital crime fighting system

Channel 4 News understands that a vital back-up system to the police national computer was damaged by the Buncefield fire, with knock-on effects still felt today.

This programme has learnt that as a direct result of the fire, the government has scrapped an attempt to join the Shengen Information System (SIS), an important crime-fighting tool, because vital software was damaged.

‘Acts of God’

Home Office officials told a House of Lords committee this spring that they had abandoned trying to connect to the first version of SIS because of computer problems and ‘acts of God’


In the mean time I guess were all at the mercy of military intelligence –

After all said and done they are the ones that feed both our police force and military with intelligence aren’t they?

– anyone any good at arithmetic?

As an after thought arn’t they the one’s who keep Her Majesty up to date too?

Here’s a very old band from Britain that’s had both good press and bad – 

Somehow I don’t think John Lennon got shot because he was a bad guy? He might have been about to spill the beans on that British brainwashing institute though – aw what’s it called again?

Whatever you think??? We all need something to guide us through the darkness.



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