I watched the film Ghandi today. I didn’t think my attention span could last for three hours but it did – and then I cried.

To the brave and the kind that believed my account of events,

I had that reply I’ve been waiting on for what seems like forever this week,

Sometimes I get so angry with the English language because it can mean so many different things, this was my reply; 

Thank you for your letter of enquiry. Regrettably, I am unable to provide any information from your grandfathers medical records under the current legislation – the access to health records act 1990.

This act is the extant legislation regarding the release of medical records and did not come into force until 1st November 1991. As the medical records you have requested would be circa 1974 I am afraid as mentioned above I am unable to release any information directly to you.


Hmmm? Three points. I asked if they had any MILITARY medical records belonging to myself, my grandfather was not in the services in 1974 and last but not least it is on an official record out there somewhere that he was a dirty old pervert.

If you can work it out please drop me an email – all I want to know is if they had records on myself from 1974

However as he was the one that took me to the hospital if they have information on him from that time period it might be taken as self incriminating?

– I looked circa up and it means approximately.

Maybe it’s because I’m a stupid blonde woman or maybe it’s because at times it take’s a while for things to sink in? So I’m throwing it into the open for you to decide.


The only truth I know right now is this;

Real soldiers don’t declare war on women and children,

Real soldiers were meant to protect them.


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