And what about the right to life? Isn’t that in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights too?

In 2001 opium crops in Afghanistan had been banned and eradicated

After 9/11 we invaded.

Afghanistan is now the worlds largest producer of opium.

You do the math. 

Our troops are dieing for the Great Imperialistic global drugs trade in Afghanistan.

So are innocent Afghani people caught up in the cross fire – women and children too.

That’s the same imperial drugs trade that is responsible for both crime and death here in this country.

Read Dope, inc. if you don’t believe me.


Not only have our troops been set up by their superiors they have been denied most of their basic human rights;

They are not allowed to use mobile phones in certain zones, they are not allowed to blog, they have been denied the right to family life, they have been denied the right to express any opinion, they have been treated themselves in a cruel and inhumane way and so on……………………

Since 1990 1,750 British service men and women have been found dead within the confines of their own barracks under questionable circumstances – as admitted by the MoD themselves.  This is a fact you can look up.



I have many, many reasons why I admire the courage of the American people – this video is just one of them.

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