“Criminal elements within the military industrial complex had the motive and surprise, surprise your guilty as hell” a quote by Alex Jones.

My stepfather attended a “boys only” function at Brompton Barracks a week before the London bombings to spite the MoD issuing a statement in 2001 forbidding freemasons to congregate on their premises. (he is a fully qualified explosives expert amongst other things)

It is common knowledge on the internet that a French policeman and explosives expert categorically stated that military grade explosives were used in the underground explosions.

I have reported my stepfather to the police and I later found this PDF file on the internet which is a plan of Brompton barracks.


(In Britain 999 is the equivalent to the American emergency 911 telephone number.)

My stepfather admitted to me that he knew what had happened on 9/11 and you can find the full un edited email if you scroll down my blog.

I have also reported him to the police for drugs money laundering. I always knew my step brother was a prominent dealer in the town but for years I didn’t realise my step father had set him up.

The Para’s might remember my stepfather, he was at a function at the tower of London with his top brass friends which your young recruits served at before your first tour of Iraq.

You will find his name and date of birth on the blog with his email.

In the mean time this is a PDF file to a book called Dope,inc it’s about Britain’s opium war against the US.


You will find my full name and address in my pictures if you would like to validate my existence and authenticity for yourself.

This is me attempting to blow the whistle on my stepfather – how long it stays on before I get thrown off MSN myspace – again – is anyones guess.

The man who wrote the following email is an ex Staff Sergeant of the Parachute regiment attached to the Royal Engineers. He is also a fully qualified explosives expert that has been laundering drugs money for his son who is a prominent drugs dealer in the town. Please don’t be put off by the fact he had only just bought a computer at the time of writing the email and not learnt how to use his spell check. He was asked to become an editor of Sapper magazine for ex Para’s which is one of the reasons I asked him to take a look at the still photos of the Twin Towers coming down in what clearly looked like a controlled demolition. He was in Gibraltar a British military base on 9/11. This can be proven by his passport.

After reading his email and having it spelt out in black and white my anxiety increased so I attempted my own research. I learnt that in 2001 the MoD issued a statement forbidding freemasons to congregate on their premises. A week before the London bombings my stepfather attended a “boys only” function at Brompton Barracks. I quizzed my mother over this as in his later years he had taken her to many a military function yet this time she was not invited.

I have not had anymore contact with my mother and stepfather since. The man my stepfather refers to towards the end of the email later had to go to hospital for X-rays as he was jumped on by a gang and beaten. I have had nothing more to do with him since that event also.

My stepfathers name and date of birth is Stuart Wiltshire who was also known in the services as Willy Wiltshire and he was borne on 27/10/approximately 1937 or there abouts.

This was his reply to my question of the twin towers being demolished in a controlled demolition.

From : 

air borne <airbornestu@hotmail.co.uk>

Sent : 

05 April 2005 22:53:10

To : 


Subject : 





airborne s…


Hello AnnMarie,  You did not piss me off, it is just that I only spend half of the week up here and most of that time I am going around my hoards administering to their needs. I am on the computer for ashort time each week. I did read your email with great interest. When I met your mum, I became her mate, protector and her champion. Later on when she took over the cafe at the arcade, I set it up forher. When a bully started going in and causing hergrief, I forcefully showed him the door to the extent that I was almost charged by the police for it. Some time later whenshe was looking afterthe two boys,that martin character started to intimidate her. Both Francis and Stephen triedtopersuade him to give it up to no avail. One day he knocked at the door whilst I was in. Your mum came in with the two boys just as I was finishing my conversation with him. That wasthe last time your mum saw him before he left town. Quite a time after that, I made a promis that I would always try to look after both you and Gerry. you were both on your own. I have triedto do this to thebest of my ability. I have tried to be your friend, protector and champion. can you remember when the Wolf tried to give you a hard time and I went to his flat with you and your mum? He was well warned. The problem came because where Gerry is more passive, you are more independent and by your email I suppose you felt oppressed and stiffled by me. Ypu said that you needed to go out and find your own partner. I do understand that and I am pleased to know that there is a man in your life. You were correct, I do know what happened at the twin towers but I feel that if I were to champion you in that cause,I would be overshadowing your chosen man,s relationship with you and treading on his toes and that would not be fair to him. I feel that although I possibly am more aware of the situation, he could possibly find out more on it and take up his proper place right up there with you as your champion as I do with your mum. Another thing that has struck me is as you say both our loves of our particular type of music. Also your refference to freemasonry. I got my thinking cap on and searched my computer and have found out that Motsart had two pieces of his compositionsin which the freemasons were involved. "The magic flute" and "The abduction from the seraglio", It seems that quite a number of the old composers were masons so I feel that I must go off on a quest of my own to find oout if it were all coincidental.


Please believe that there is no way I want to cause anymore distress to anyone that has lost a loved one or ones because of the dreadful events we have all had to witness unfolding on the news. I am so sorry to have to put this blog up in the first place and I would not have done so, had my concerns not been 100% genuine.

This blog has been written with my uttermost regret and deepest remorse that I didn’t see things sooner. I am so very, very sorry.

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