General Sir Richard Dannatt

The head of the British Army told the country tonight that there is a growing gulf between the public and our troops. He also stated on BBC news 24 that there was not enough understanding as to why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan, the commander of the Army that led the charge during the first gulf war was in the BBC studio to add that this lack of understanding was probably down to the media.

Please forgive my agitation but the vast majority of Americans are now challenging the official version of 9/11 for a whole variety of inconsistencies in their Governments version. The opportunity to invade Afghanistan without one British Military Top Brass General being able to offer an honest reason for doing so other than the initial propaganda that was spewed out at the general public after the horrific events we had witnessed unfolding on live TV of that fateful September morning, without first questioning those event’s, amounts in my opinion to criminal negligence.

To turn around and imply that our troops have been mistreated by the general public because we don’t understand the wars is nothing more than an insult to our intelligence and an even bigger insult to our troops. Prey Sir do enlighten the ignorant as to why we are in Afghanistan? Was it really a couple of Arabs armed with Stanley knives?

You can’t tell us why your in Afghanistan because if you told the British public the Gods honest truth they’d probably string you up to take shots at you themselves. How dare you imply that we don’t care or understand when it was you and your Top Brass who led them into one Illegal war after leading them into the most phoney war of our generation.

How dare you lay the blame at our door when you led, lied and abused their trust from the very beginning.

Scroll down my blog a bit General, if you haven’t got the gut’s to tell our lads why they are in Afghanistan it looks like I’ll have to do it for you. 

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