Another drunken Annie rant

Sometimes I research stuff on the web (the world wide web gave me answers that I’d been crying out for all of my life) I haven’t been on it that long in comparison to the years I have lived, anyhow I look for clues now again. The usual stuff when you find you have access to a whole database of knowledge. I stumbled upon a page tonight that said it is not known for a mason above the 32nd degree to Not be Illuminati. I’d never even heard of the Illuminati before I went online. All I ever knew was my own confusing reality. I think I have made enough claims in my blog already to want to make anymore but for those that are interested I’m going to put a few pictures of the gifts I have received from my family up for your own observations. I’ll also put up the very first thing I made in pottery class as a young child. I don’t even know why I’ve still got it or haven’t thrown it out? I don’t even know why I made him in the first place? There wasn’t that many places of comfort or solace to me growing up so my little owl was one of my friends, his image represented the wisdom my youth denied me. I’m afraid I’m going to have to let the shrinks and the experts work that one out for themselves. Anyway Princess Ann dropped in on my local field the other day, literally by helicopter to go and visit the local retarded children. Nice to see that the tax payers money isn’t going to waste!

Sometimes I wonder about the royals? I really don’t envy their position anymore than I do my own. They frequent our humble little town quite often but I won’t bore you anymore.

These are my pictures,

 you will find a picture of my stepfather if you scroll down my blog a bit, just incase you thought I was making my tagline up.


Update on this blog

I stand corrected, according to the telegraph she arrived somewhere else in Cleethorpes, perhaps the police cars I saw and police lady I spoke too were but a figment of my imagination?

My local field, the one I must have fantasised the police escort on leads onto one of the places I find my solace and healing in. I walk my dogs there. I’m still a bit confused about the telegraph and about that police escort, never mind. Anyway we have been lucky enough lately to have been graced with a stalk. To see him flying is truly a magnificent sight, I caught him on my camera the other day by the beck. I had to share the fact I got to stalk a stalk with you.  He’s a bit cute isn’t he?

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