What I saw on my travels today

This was the day I had,

This blog is in relation to my tagline.

Every single time I try to express how sorry I am, how enraged with myself for being so blind and stupid all of my life the words seem to come out wrong. I don’t think there are words to express the emotions I’ve been carrying around inside me for so long, I usually end up in the same floods of tears and grief I have known all of my life, but I’ve never known an anger or rage as the one I have felt inside me since it dawned on me, who the hidden hand was that had caused this pain. If it had have just been my pain and mine alone I would have quietly walked away and tried to rebuild what was left of my shattered life. But I realise it’s not just my pain, my loss and my grief. That same hidden hand was inflicting the same emotions on others. On clearer days when I can see through my grief and the rage wells up in it’s place, as destructive as it can be it is the force that drives me to want to see the day when the real war criminals of this world are brought to justice.

While I am still breathing this shall remain my goal.

I don’t know how or who I need to convince to bring that about. I live behind enemy lines and I’ve been singled out for psyops for as long as I can remember but I do know this; all I have to defend me is the truth, and I figured to a bunch of cowards that have built an empire on lies and deceit – the truth is the most powerful weapon I could have.

I sincerely apologise to anyone that might stumble across my web page that has lost someone they have loved because of the darkness in this world. I can not put in to words how sorry I am. I can’t take away your pain, all I can do is give it everything I’ve got until these people are where they belong. I need closure before I can hope to begin to heal too.

This blog has been going for a good while now, my stepfather has been told by the police and had ample time to hire himself a solicitor if he doesn’t want his pictures on my blog. He hasn’t. By right’s if I wasn’t telling the truth I would be behind bars now. The best they can come up with is psyops like the ones I had to day.

And all I can say to that is your evil eye is now looking straight back at you Stepfather.


Thanks for reminding me of my initials and all of the tears I’ve cried whilst your sickening cult was tearing me to pieces. (it’s a new piece of graffiti on my special field)

I decided to take the Liberty of sharing today’s Psyops, I can’t help but feel that if you haven’t got the courage to see me in court, and this is the best you can do, your beginning to loose your grip old man.

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