The point of no return.

I emailed a private detective agency the other day to see how much it would cost to wire me up to one of those polyographs to prove I was telling the truth. £950.00 plus vat was the quote I received, shame it’s out of my reach at the moment. Still my blog is still going and I haven’t been arrested for slander. In view of the fact that my stepfather complained to the police about me and they told him to see a solicitor (and I’ve not had any letters from one) I hope that might go someway to proving that my gravest concerns are founded in reality. I’ve decided that if they do bump me off at least the people I told will finally get some sort of proof that I was telling the truth all along.

Living on the edge? I think I’ve just fallen off.

Here’s some pic’s for the family album

Sue me, shoot me or tell me I am wrong because in my book this is treason of the highest order. –

And this is my other blog

“Criminal elements within the military industrial complex had the motive and surprise, surprise your guilty as hell” a quote by Alex Jones. 

I am not saying that other factors and forces did not have a role to play, but I am saying this is my quiet truth. And yes it is as unpleasant as the consequences I’ve been threatened with.

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