In defence of my liberty – There ain’t no smoke without fire. Our Muslims are now the new Jew’s or was I the only one that noticed?


I’ll just put the links on and you can have a look to weigh those facts up for yourself.

After 7/7 the Government decided to sneak a few new laws in on the quiet which meant that un elected bodies can tap the phone lines of our policemen, doctors, in fact anyone they want too really

The governments initial response for not holding a public inquiry for the events and circumstances surrounding 7/7 was that as in the Bloody Sunday inquiry when British paratroopers opened fire on Irish civil rights protestors and killed 14 innocent people, the inquiry cost the British taxpayer £400m and one for 7/7 would be "too expensive."

Military Grade explosives were used on 7/7 and the Independent has bravely published the fact.

Do I need mention Scholars for 9/11 Truth movement as endorsed by 110+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law enforcement and government officials, 200+ Engineers and Architects, 50+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals, 150+ Professors, 180+ Survivors and Family members, 90+ Entertainers and Media Professionals.

(Did I ever tell you how much I’ve always admired the courage of those American dudes?)

In 2001 before any of us had time to question anything Britain helped America invade Afghanistan which is now the largest producer of opium and heroin in the world.

Brave American Law enforcement officers have died for this book, Dope Inc. Britain’s opium war against the US

I have already reported my stepfather to the police a good while ago. He reported me because he wanted me arrested for slander or something. The police have allowed me to keep my liberty. My stepfather was a Staff Sergeant in the Parachute regiment attached to the Royal Engineers for 22 years. He is also a fully qualified explosives expert.  My step brother is one of the biggest dealers in town. Here’s another blog I wrote.

10 September

“Criminal elements within the military industrial complex had the motive and surprise, surprise your guilty as hell” a quote by Alex Jones.

I have tried my uttermost best to present the facts to you based on other peoples testimonies and what I know to be true and can be proven. The implications to me have been devastating. I had to present these facts as even if my suspicions about my stepfather were 95% wrong, that 5% that might be right was too great a risk to take by not attempting to do something about it. I have had great difficulties coming to terms with the possibilities that my stepfather may have been involved in these terrorist atrocities. You have to ask who’s profited the most and I have to ask you this; Given the fact’s presented do you honestly think that George Bush and his cronies would have been able to persuade their own military explosive experts to blow nearly 3000 innocent people to pieces on their own home ground, their own fellow citizens?

Maybe you do? I on the other hand find it very difficult to get my head around, but I do know the life I’ve led and have had to come to my own conclusions. If our (British) Top Brass are prepared to terrorise, intimidate and put their own children through hell on earth – do you think they would think twice about putting yours through the same thing?


There’s a few more things here and there that I need to defend myself for but I won’t go into that right now I’ll just say this, for the courage that does exist in this world – thank you. And thank you for taking the time of reading my blog.

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