Bono and the Boogeyman

There was a time some years ago in Grimsby when joke blood stained arms hanging out of car boots were all the rage, may be the odd Grimsbarian might remember them? It didn’t feel like a joke to me at the time though. You may laugh but I used to live in fear of planes flying over just in case some poor unfortunate soul was being dangled out of it in fear of their life. Perhaps there is a medical definition for it?

Bono’s been up to his usual up starting antics again I hear. He’s been censored yet again too. I remember a few years ago talking to a friendly fireman who had witnessed the same live interview on British television where our good man Bono (the fireman was a fan) had clearly stated that he had to face the firing squad on a regular basis. This struck a chord with me as I’ve met a few ugly looking blokes with menacing grins on their faces my self in my time.

The press review of the interview made no mention of it and it never did make it on to you tube.

This is part of his speech that got censored this time while he was receiving an award in America.

Today I read in the Economist an article reporting that over 38 percent of Americans support some type of torture in exceptional circumstances. My country? No. Your country? Tell me no. Today, when I receive this great honour, I ask you, I implore you as an Irishman who has seen some of these things close up, I ask you to remember, you do not have to become a monster to defeat a monster. Your America’s better than that.

You can find it on various websites if you’d like to Google it just incase you thought I was making it up.

And I thank you America for reporting the facts. How can any of us loose hope when there are so very many brave souls out there, that are prepared to tell it like it is and defend freedom of speech.


Here is a song by Mr Bono & his very brave rock and roll band



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