That’s it, I’ve had enough, I quit!

I had to take my dog to the vets today with a poorly paw. As I was in the taxi I heard the voice on the radio comment on how some hobbies could be more linked to mental illness before the DJ laughed, he was referring to a man he was interviewing about his passion for toy railway engines.

I’ve been pondering for sometime now whether I should give up this internet blogging thing. I’ve got to the point now where I’ve said everything I could say and I feel like I’m just banging my head on a brick wall now.

Even President Musharraf stated that the 9/11 perp Omar Sheikh was an MI6 agent and there has been countless highly intelligent individuals to enlighten folk on the perils of the Travistok institute.

After all said and done I’m a nobody in mans world that was always more content to care for my home and children than have accusations of having delusions of grandeur thrown at me and being stalked by sad little men on my stepfather’s military friends pay roll.

I’ll leave everything as it is on this blog, it must be half a year since he demanded the police lock me up for slander – who in turn told him to see a solicitor. I’ve still not heard from a solicitor but in all honesty I figured you can not defend the indefensible and that’s all he’d be asking one to do.

You can read my blog if you like or you can write me off as another nut, to be honest I’m past the point of caring. I’ve told the truth and I’ve done my best, I can’t see much point in going round and round in circles or repeating myself anymore.

I’m going to go back to what is generally regarded by Cheri Blaire as the lowest of roles a women could play by being an “allerednic” as she put it when she was referring to stay at home mums a few years ago.That being a backwards Cinderella.

Still looking after my boys and my home has always been my first priority and it’s probably what I do best anyway to spite being made to feel like a third class citizen for it by those who only merit credibility with cash, status and a flash car.

The rebel in me could not care less anymore, besides I still have an unwavering faith that sooner or later and eventually the truth really will out.

In the mean time this is a picture of my dog whose got a poorly paw. He doesn’t say much but deep down you just know he knows the score.

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