Wa hey Grimsby were on the map!


With a mention in the Guardian

& the title?

Heroin UK

What else did you think it would be?


Didn’t you ever wonder why we helped invaded Afghanistan after 9/11 to spite the fact that the “alleged” perpetrators were a bunch of Arabs?

I did.

Did you ever wonder who was funding AL QAEDA before they sent our troops over there.

I did that too.



Don’t forget to check my other pic’s out if you have the time.

The Truth Will Out!

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One Response to Wa hey Grimsby were on the map!

  1. Oliviaaaaaaaaa says:

    how great to find a similar soul find your observations on life believable in a world of chaos a shining light i would love to be a stay at home mum but as im the only wage earner not possible but think you r right to stay with your boys and as the last in along line of children ive raised is my 9 year old grandaughter i can assure you having stayed at home with some and worked with others its better to stay at home you cant have it all something has to give

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