I couldn’t sleep last night

I was going to give up blogging and no doubt in due course I will but something was rambling through my head last night;

Three little words “Dereliction of Duty”

Our policemen can not uphold the law if the war criminals that have sent our troops to foreign shores to line the pockets and inflate the ego’s of those who sent them are in charge of the phone tapping quango’s – they’ll always be one jump ahead wont they?

Our troops, our policemen and our politicians (the good ones that is) are all at the mercy of the intelligence Her Majesties Permanent Government concocts through MI5 or 6. We all know about dodgy dossiers and what happens to dissenters.

Our policemen and troops aren’t allowed to go on strike or they would all be charged with dereliction of duty and the architect’s of this horrendous tyranny will make another fast buck by building a few more prisons to put them in – perhaps they would hire the British equivalent of Blackwater mercenaries to run it for them?

Our entire country has been exploited and sold down the river while neither policeman, soldier nor political dissonant can do a thing.

The top brass accused us of breaking our covenant with our troops, yet since 1990 1,750 of our servicemen and women have been found dead under questionable circumstances within the confines of their own barracks as admitted by the mod themselves.

There is no doubt in my mind that I believe our soldiers and policemen would love nothing more than to go on strike, but they can’t.

There is no recourse to the law anymore and the very men meant to uphold it must know that better than most.

They are Britain’s very front line troops that usually take the flack for their political masters yet metaphorically they have both hand’s tied right behind their backs.

And what happens in our rage and confusion? We war with one another while the real criminals that have orchestrated this puppet show of a fake democracy get away with murder.

Land of hope and glory, mother of the free?

What kind of monster in the eyes of the nation’s that have been scared by British colonial Empirical Rule have we become?

Our own young men are dieing for the Empire’s drug trade, take a good long hard look at the way we have allowed these people to exploit our own young men, and the way those record harvests of opium are now flooding our very own shores.

Wake up Britain – we’ve all been had by the masters of divide and rule.

















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