So the Mod say they are looking into traumatic brain injury?

No doubt they will try to fob our lads off with some kind of excuse such as “it’s all in your head” in the hope of wriggling out of paying compensation like they have “gulf war syndrome” and the effects of depleted uranium. If you can’t see it, you can’t prove it! Well that’s where they are wrong boys because the MOD know more about how stress and fear can kill brain cells off leaving people incapacitated or neurologically paralysed better than anyone. That’s why the British army has a psyop unit all of their own.

I’ve just found this excellent website that can prove that enough prolonged fear, like fearing for your life and fearing for people you care about can, given enough time kill off your brain cells.

All that on top of the blast’s from the new fancy weaponry? What’s the odds for compensation then?

So there is a bit of proof for you now I’m going to share a few thoughts and concerns for some of our troops. I believe that some of the things they have seen is something that no human being should ever have to witness, but what seriously concerns me is some of the modern psychiatric drugs they might be placed on. Nothing can help a person heal like surrounding yourself with people you love, believing you were put on this earth for a reason (which you were) good music that releases those “feel good chemicals” in your brain and eating well.

Let’s be honest there was a news article in one of the papers that said your average military dog had more money spent on it’s food per day than our troops did.

I believe that the brain is like any other living organ and if you treat it kindly and feed it well, given the right mental attitude over time new brain cells will grow. Just like any of our cells that renew themselves the brains can too.

I had to share that just in case you were holding your breath for the MoD to help you out on that one. Like I said I believe our stressed out troops have something very valuable that the MoD would preferably not want them sharing with the rest of the population and that’s the benefit and truth of their experiences. And to be honest I worry that if the MoD can put them on brain shrinking anti-psychotic drugs and stick a “don’t go near the loony” label on them in the hope of discrediting anything they have to say that could enlighten a sleeping population about the horrors of war in the hope that our children won’t have to walk the same path – well let’s just say my gut feeling is telling me the MoD have a habit of thinking they are above the law and I wouldn’t put anything past them.

I can’t help but empathise with these poor blokes coming home to an attitude that’s probably as confused about the horrible situation they have found themselves in as they are.

All I can say is you have an MP (thats member of parliament not the military dibble), you’ve served them long enough, let them serve you for a change. You do have human right’s, this country of our’s signed up for them a long, long time ago.

You might not get paid for it but if being a soldier’s in your blood so be it, you still have something worth fighting for and we still need the men with the courage to do just that.

Whether they like it or not the truth is a very rare commodity these days, don’t let them rob you of your chance to share it with a nation that’s been fed on lies for far too long.


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