The Metropolitan police commissionaire & yet another case of severe cognitive dissonance.

Some want him to go and some want him to stay as head of the Met. I’m still confused. A policeman is surely only as good as his intelligence right? Yet it is Military Intelligence that tell them who to survey and arrest when it comes to terrorism isn’t it?

In the latest saga for Sir Ian Blair he’s taking the flack for what can only be described as corporate manslaughter yet is he really the head of his organisation? MI5 asset or MI5 fall guy?

If our intelligence services are allowed to roam like an unaccountable terrorist state, then what does that make the rest of us?

At the risk of sounding coy I’m one of the sweetest, cutest, fluffiest peace loving people I know, I wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly but I have in the past been made painfully aware that I’ve been singled out for scrutiny amongst other things by certain members of our intelligence community.

So who’s the biggest risk to our nations security?

A bunch of unaccountable to anyone blokes that could be intentionally feeding our long suffering police forces and politicians misleading information, then expecting them to take the fall.

Or a fluffy little woman like me?

You can decide for yourself if you like. These are the pic’s of my latest graffiti stalkers work and possibly of their intentions. Hell, they even have my initials on one of them.

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