The Endgame

I read a story the other day about taboo’s and superstitions then the beeb decided to show us a pic of the unmasked Tutankhamun,

I thought it amusing of how they are now trying to plug the “you are now cursed by some ancient skulduggery line” to those who might be superstitious.

Could it be this was a desperate attempt to put fear into susceptible individuals? If that was the case then the scenario would prove our ruling elite are now scraping the bottom of the barrel in the most laughable manner.

I got to thinking about how I was always told a whistling woman was the devils bane by my mad half Jock mother who married a man that’s been so secretive with his friends it took me years to work out what he was doing behind our backs. Let’s just say it has a Masonic Top Brass connection.

So, me being me, as I was in the mood to test the theory out I stood at my front door last night and whistled a chorus of the Stars and Stripes for the white van that’s been parked outside of my house for ages (you never can tell what’s in them).

Well it may be bane to the daddy of lies because as luck would have it I stumbled across a few very important truths today.

This is a clip from Alex Jones Endgame.

Bravery does exist.





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