About my dazed and confused state – I’m sorry. I think it must be stress.

I watched an enlightening video today about how we managed to get ourselves into such a bloody mess.

It’s called

The British took Palestine and gave it to the Zionist Jews


It’s only 10 minutes and well worth a watch.


Of course without our help there would be no Israel as we know it today where young men are conscripted into the army whether they like it or not.

And they wouldn’t have nukes if we hadn’t sold them the means to make them behind America’s back


I read a piece on BP the other day and it put me in mind of vultures circling over their victims patiently waiting for them to drop off so they can feed from what’s left of the corpses . I couldn’t find the link so we’ll have to make do with this one



We have old folks in this country who die every single year from pneumonia or hypothermia because they are so afraid of getting into debt with these companies. I myself am at the mercy of having to pay whatever they ask or my children and I would have no choice but to sit in the dark.

Hmmm? I was once referred to as a mushroom – full of heavy metal, left in the dark and fed on s**t!

That’s exactly how I feel when the beeb tells us a bunch of blokes are out to get us with bottles of hydrogen peroxide – gives a new meaning to blonde bombshell I suppose. And to think I am obliged by law to pay them for the privilege (you can’t even own a dvd player in England without having to pay the BBC for a television licence). To be fair they do allow the old folk to buy their licences in half years just in case they expire before the licence does and there’s a concession for the blind but not for the deaf because they can read the subtitles.

Oh and don’t get me started on the water companies that didn’t bother to maintain the drainage systems when hundred’s of people lost all their worldly possessions without so much as a sniff of compensation to spite the sheer amount of money we have no choice other than to pay them. And we best not go near the council tax for a police force that gets tied up and gagged by the crown prosecution service and their Masonic friends.

And they say crime doesn’t pay! Still I’m quite sure you don’t need me to tell you who the biggest criminals are in this country!

Land of hope and gory

Mother of the bleed

Aren’t we the one’s united

On which the parasites feed?

Sorry about that, best log off now before the meter drops.


"a quick update before the lights go out"

Oh this is a good link

In our haste to frame Iran it seems our 15 captured sailors may have been in Iran’s water after all. Not so say’s the MoD it was Iraq’s water, we just forgot to tell the Iranians we‘d moved the goalposts!


And as I’ve just about managed to upset all and sundry and found the common link (Masonic) between my stepfather, grandfather and the Catholic church I was christened in, just to add a bit more insult to injury – here’s one for the pope!







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