I loved this video so much………………..




It reminded me of my stepfather and his collection of Neanderthal primates and lackeys. Sadly my circus chimps are positively camera shy as I don’t get the attention they used to lavish on me since I bought my digital camera. But what the hell, this video is dedicated to all those that enjoyed using me as target practise for their pretend gun’s in the same childish fashion as the fascist who never grew up. Yep, to those with the moral fibre of your average dog turd and the same amount of backbone as a mollusc – those same blokes who KNOW why we are in Afghanistan and KNOWINGLY PROFFIT from the drug’s trade that young men are being blown to pieces in order to protect in the name of democracy while our own country is being slowly destroyed from the inside out………………….isn’t that what you were working to protect? Child molesters and perverts that in any other country would be sent to jail for voyeurism at the very least? Yep, This video is well and truly dedicated to all those sad little men that never had the courage to defend ANYTHING worth fighting for in the first place.


I know these photo’s are a bit old now but as one of them was definitely dedicated to me (It has my initials on) I thought I’d give them another airing – the body appeared on the path I use most frequently, the artwork is on the field I walk my dog on.

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