I’m keeping this blog here just in case it means something to someone.


Stuart my stepfather was borne to a Spanish mother his father a British Freemason and I believe a chartered surveyor by trade.  Stuart was born on the rock of Gibraltar and can also speak Spanish. I knew he had relatives in Gibraltar and possibly Malta and finding a post on the internet by my step brother proved it. I believe Stuarts grandmother is buried in Malta and I know his sister holidays there frequently. Here’s the post; notice the same email address as the webmaster on my stepfathers Royal Engineers/Para’s website.


Name: David Wiltshire Email: zedhed34@hotmail.com Hello
Please can some one help me? I am am looking for any information on ( My G.Grandfather) ALFRED EDWARD WILTSHIRE, or family of. He was born around 1876, posibly in Calne Wiltshire. In 1900 he married ANNIE ADA ELIZABETH EVANS in Chatham.
He served with Royal Engineers with Brennan and his torpedo. His father was GEORGE and worked in the Iron Works, possibly in Calne.
Annie’s father was called JOHN and her mother was called Eleanor.The Evans family were from Chatham.
Alfred and Annie had several children but unfortunatly only a couple survived in to adulthood Charles and George. Annie died in 1922 in Malta.



Here’s a song for the daddy.


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