zedhed the honoury member or the other Wiltshire brother. AKA Dr Crippin.

David is no longer a publican but is enjoying his new career as an undertaker.  Pretty worrying considering his father was a practising occultist when he met my mother and his brother has the largest collection of occult paraphenalia and books for sale in his shop in the town, amongst his drug paraphernalia, that is.  Davids first wife (after she left him) lost both her new husband and father on exactly the same day at exactly the same family reunion. Heart faliure or something like that. Imagine the masonic chances of that happening? It is 100% true. And I would stake my life on it. In fact if you visit Kashmire the shop in Freeman Street Grimsby they’ll probably sell you a book or two on how to bump your enemies off without getting caught "hocus pocus" style, of course having friends in the right places always helps things along too!.

And to think the old boys down at the stepfathers Royal Engineer/Para’s convention want to make this bloke a “special” member and I don’t think he even made corporal in the Green Jackets. I wonder what the Para’s would have to say about that?

(No fear Dave, your the only one that read’s my blog anyway – apparently)


For more info on the family biz, a bong, something to put in it or some sick and twisted witchcraft books please see




And last but not least……………..here’s a video for the family album.



False flags by means of invading another country is illegal too isn’t it daddy?


Here are some simple facts.

My step father attended a “boys” only do just days before the London Bombing at Brompton Barracks.

My stepfather was in Gibraltar a British Military base on 9/11 (can be proven by his passport)

I asked him for his opinion of the twin towers coming down in an email. I apologise for the emails other content and the lecture I got however he clearly admitted knowing what happened but refused to say. The full email is on this blog.

“Criminal elements within the military industrial complex had the motive and surprise, surprise your guilty as hell” a quote by Alex Jones.


My stepfather is an explosives expert. He has/had access to them and the drugs trade is a clear motive amongst his twisted philosophy’s and beliefs. Please see;

Brave American Law enforcement officers have died for this book, Dope Inc. Britain’s opium war against the US


I was telling the truth all along and I would very much like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the brave men and women that were patient enough with me in my confusion to listen and defended my right to tell the fragmented truth I know.

Yours sincerely Miss Ann-Marie Smith




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