The Laws Prohibiting War

The Laws Prohibiting War


For the first time in English law we have an Act of Parliament that takes

precedence over the Royal Prerogative and binds the Crown and everyone in the public

service of the Crown. By enacting this war law, Parliament blocked the legal loopholes

that have enabled past British leaders to commit war crimes with impunity. Criminal

responsibility for the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes now

lies with those who commit them, those who commission them and those who condone

or support them, and all such persons can be held to account for these crimes in court.

Article 25 of the Rome Statute and sections 51 and 52 of the International

Criminal Court Act 2001 not only place criminal responsibility for the deaths caused by

war on the Monarch, the Prime Minister, members of the Cabinet, senior civil servants,

MPs and the military commanders responsible for commissioning acts of war; but

equally place criminal responsibility on the servicemen and women, arms manufacturers,

suppliers and taxpayers who aid, abet, incite or facilitate the commission of these

crimes. No longer can individuals evade joint responsibility for crimes committed by our

political leaders.

All military personnel, taxpayers and ordinary citizens who support, obey or

condone the orders of their government or Parliament to wage aggressive war in which

people are killed, are not only criminally liable for a crime against peace under the

Nuremburg Principles, but under this new legislation they become accessories to the

crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes and render themselves

liable to prosecution in Britain or The Hague.


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