David Davis and the “incredible” case for civil liberties.


The chances of avoiding large-scale job losses at a BAE Systems factory near Hull are slim, according to local MPs.

David Davis and Alan Johnston met with bosses at the plant in Brough on Tuesday to quiz them about the 450 losses announced in November.  



You’ll never guess what’s next?


BAE in new multibillion-pound deal to sell Hawk jets to Saudis



“Civil liberties”? More like taking liberties!

Or is it just another confused case of backhanders and jobs for the boys, AKA The Military Industrial Complex? After all he is ex SAS and their reputation for looking and sounding like merchant bankers is infamous. 

I’ve just clicked onto my local telegraph photo sales website as I had a hunch he’d been hounding around the area and amongst the other picture’s of him I found this one……………

 The look on the dog’s face kind of say’s it all.


David Davis was a whip in John Majors conservative Government in the first Gulf War when our troops were used as human guinea pigs for a vaccine that is connected to the Gulf War Syndrome (We won’t even mention the illegalities of depleted uranium). Have you ever wondered why the conservatives sold off and privatised everything we had with the exception of the BBC?

1992, now there’s a year I’m sure we’d all prefer to forget.

David Davis (British politician) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He was a government whip when parliament voted on the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, ….
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Davis_(British_politician) – 52k – CachedSimilar pages

Maastricht Treaty 1992 or The EU……..http://www.historiasiglo20.org/europe/maastricht.htm

Hmmm? "Problem, reaction, solution." Where have I heard that before?

"Divide and Rule" rings a few bells too.

The following video gives a whole new meaning to political protest.


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