General Tax Strike – Freedoms Last Stand


I think our troops should come home now, I never wanted to see them in an horrendous situation taking the wrap for a bunch of demented psychopath’s hell bent on cashing in on their secretive strategies of world dominance and war profiteering in the first place. It would have been cheaper in so many ways to just pay Iraq for their oil like civilised human beings, it would have been kinder to encourage Afghanistan to grow and thrive by means of diplomacy but the Taliban wanted to eradicate the opium crops and thus threatened to cut off a vital source of income to this atrocious wars financial backers and profiteers. Not once have I blamed our troops for being lied too, not once have I used the freedom of speech that I feel privileged to still have to put anyone in harms way. But I have a deep conviction that our boys, as intelligent capable human beings deserve to know the score. While they were sent on wild goose chases in the misguided belief they were protecting their country there were those of us at home doing our best in our own way to do what we thought was right too. If our boys are expected to put their lives on the line for something don’t they have a right to know what exactly that something is?

They were sent to Iraq an oil producing country yet how the profiteers have made their money through colossal human tragedies we have witnessed unfolding and been powerless to prevent. Reducing Iraq’s oil production has given them the perfect alibi to hike the prices up. Our troops were sent to Afghanistan and “ordered” to protect the opium crops the Taliban wanted to eradicate. Would I be right in assuming the profits from which buy the very weapons used to kill our own young men? Not to mention the heroin still flooding our own shores, creating petty crimes to occupy our police force with and countless victims along the way.

We’ve all been duped for so very long. I have absolutely no doubt both our police force and military would love to go on strike but they’d all be dishonourably discharged for dereliction of duty and then where would we be? Perhaps our government would import us a whole new force from the EU and then they really could play divide and rule with us.

So my message is this; please let’s not forget that deep down the reality of the situation is that through all the misunderstanding and the lies we’ve been sold there’s a lot of good decent hard working people in this country that are as thoroughly pissed off with the whole situation as the next man. Isn’t it about time we all got together and tried to do something about it?

Please watch this video, it won’t take long.



Did you know that by paying your taxes to our government you are in fact committing the crime of aiding and abetting Genocide, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and perhaps even liable to prosecution?


You are long overdue at the police station my friend………………isn’t it time you handed yourself in?

Just make sure you have a good solicitor with you when you do!

For more info……………


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