The Unknown Soldier,

There are some that say our British Top Brass still want punishing for war crimes committed in the first and second world wars. My father had an uncle he was close too called Bill who served in the trenches in the first world war. There were many a time he would relive his experiences in a quiet corner of his home until his fleeting horrors had passed. No one pinned him down and forced drugs on him. No one called him “mentally ill” for they knew what he had lived through. Some would argue bomber Harris was a butcher and Dresden was something for which we should apologise, the mass slaughter of innocent unarmed civilians was not the principles our predecessors and the men of world war one fought and died for. But they did give us the right to say it.

I remember Catterick the British army garrison quite well from my childhood. It was there I first encountered a British army tank rolling down the street. I vividly remember the shudder to the core of my being, as it felt like a thousand Cavalry men had just rode over my soul on horseback in a suicidal charge. I guess even in the seventee’s the British tank was truly a modern day equivalent in regards to the damage it could potentially do. I wont even mention the illegalities abound today of depleted uranium and the likes.

It’s not on my records that I ever visited Catterick military hospital as a child but it still had an A&E department all the same, I could even tell you the layout of it’s insides if any one was interested to spite my lack of evidence of official visit. Today that same hospital is now a Mental Institution for our returning vets who they declare mentally ill and drug to the high heavens. If anyone has ever cared for Britons laws on sectioning those labelled “mentally ill” it might be regarded as a modern day equivalent of the internment they used to use in Northern Ireland with the added bonus of mind retarding and debilitating drugs thrown in for good measure.

I am always inspired by the Americans on the web, I can’t help it. The courage of their returning vets prepared to stand up and share the truth with people always humbles my heart. Then I wonder where ours are. Then I remember Catterick. I shall never forget.

& There are some that say our top brass want punishing for the war crimes committed today. The blind acceptance of the official version of 9/11, the propaganda about Iraq and record opium crops in Afghanistan all point to an involved vested interest. I am one of them & I won’t go away. After all, braver and greater men than I shall ever be, fought and died for my rights to say it.


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One Response to The Unknown Soldier,

  1. DARK ASSASSIN says:

    Very true , The only crime in war ….is war itself.
    Bad things do happen and people die unfortunately but thats what wars about. Troops involved in combat do unspeakable things and they do it to survive. I\’m afraid to say it , But its all about crippling the enemy and breaking an economy in two.
    Leaders should be held accountable for the actions of the troops they command as soldiers are only following orders.
    Aww Catterick… what a dump , Soooo glad i don\’t have to go back to it ( Was based in and around it whilst in the army a long long time ago) DU tank rounds are fairly safe , unless of course your being shot at by one lol and DU is also used our tanks  Chobham Armour . 
    Our tanks have always been cutting edge and a fearsome sight when you see a MBT (main battle tank ) up close and personal. The rumble is a very …errr, unnerving sound isn\’t it ? I honestly feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to engage in battle with a British tank !      

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