Hello Russia & America (N SCAPE GOATS EVERYWHERE) – in ya face coming live at ya from the UK – it’s called divide and rule – just ask the Irish


I was once told many years ago the only thing you can believe in the British news papers were the pictures. So here is a picture of the flag of Georgia.


It’s the cross of ST George 5 times over and if ya were wondering he represents the English flag too, not the British one.

This is a rare interview by John Lennon               


& this is a song by U2 



I have to admit I get a bit fed up of the one sided BBC too (British Bulls**ting Corporation) the fact is I and the rest of my countrymen & women have to pay them for the privilege of setting up channels in America and Asia so they can tell fibs to the rest of the world too. Makes ya wonder who’s vested interests they are working for don’t it?

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