Honesty is always the best policy.

I’ve been trying to say for a while now I don’t just believe the British had something to do with 9/11, I am convinced and the reason for this is because of my own stepfathers personal involvement with our Top Brass. I’ve published a number of blogs about him and I’ve told the police. I’ve shared my fears and concerns with professionals who can vouch for my state of mental health. God know’s I’ve done my best but I always find myself stumbling when someone say’s “yes but you don’t really believe a little tiny Ireland like ours can tell America what to do?” My answer to that is always no but that is only due to my unwavering faith in the bravery of the American people who have stood up to tell the truth. As for the strategy, banking systems and what I know about our own top brass I prefer to leave the details to the professionals who can explain much more eloquently than myself.

I found this video today and again my wholehearted gratitude will always remain with the truth tellers of America. Thank you.

England Behind World War Three

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One Response to Honesty is always the best policy.

  1. DARK ASSASSIN says:

    Errrr ,
    Britain had sweet F.A to do with 9/11 , That was in my opinion down to the C.I.A and the Bush administration (What better excuse to invade the Arab states ?) We were dragged into the conflict by America and our weak and greedy government and the promise of endless oil. Did you know Bin Laden family are very good friends and ex business partners with the Bush family ? Thats fact not fiction.
    As for Britain being in some covert plot to take over Europe ? Are you for real ?
     Europe ( Brussels) is the authority and no one else. They pass European laws and everyone follows. Ok lets just say we start world war III …whos going to fight on the side of Britain … N.A.T.O ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) ? Not a chance ! NATO will only fight for there allies if a country is invaded and no other reason …thats the whole point of NATO , Well it was when it was formed to counteract the WARSAW PACT. The British Army cant cope in the middle east let alone in a full blown conventional war , so i don\’t think we can "Invade" Europe like some Nazi super troopers just yet .  
    I watched around 3 Min\’s of the video and turned it off so i cant comment further lol don\’t suppose the Jews are mentioned in it by any chance ?

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