The three stages of truth.

The three stages of truth.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher (1788 – 1860)


Last week I was on the bus with my youngest son when I could not help but overhear a conversation going on behind me. I could only assume the lady doing the talking had been getting her info from our British propaganda rags as she explained a new bunch of scapegoats to declare war on us infidels. I actually found myself shaking in my feeble attempt to bite my lip, after five minutes I could take it no more. I turned to my bemused and somewhat confused son so the lady along with the rest of her audience could hear me and stated “Max” as that’s his name “did you know that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by certain western intelligence agents so we could invade Afghanistan and re-instate the global drugs trade which the Taliban wanted to eradicate amongst other things?” I then proceeded with “don’t just take my word for it go on the web, google Alex Jones, do your home work – the truth is out there if you care to look for it” Yes I was red with the embarrassment of drawing the attention to myself but my God I just had to let it out.

Sometimes the truth can almost smack us across the face but if we’ve been conditioned into believing differently I appreciate how hard the truth can be to recognise. Even so, “even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth” – (Ghandi).

I am the stepdaughter of a man who is a fully qualified explosives expert that served 22 years with the Royal Engineers / Parachute Regiment – Sappers they call themselves and I have paid the price for my mothers liaison in more ways than I care to recollect. The man admitted to me he knew what went off on 9/11 but refused to say in an email and that was the day I finally grew up, let alone wake up.

Someone threw the Jewish question at me a while ago and I thank him kindly for doing so as I figured here on the underground the Jews are pretty much blamed for the root of all evil in the same way they were in Nazi Germany (there are also those who question whether Hitler was working for us, but that‘s another story). Before the first and second world wars our upper class most definitely had a few problems on their hands, we had far too many fit and healthy young men that wanted to work for a living with aspirations and dreams of their own, they wanted the means to make a better life for themselves and our aristocrats were way outnumbered. They must have had a hunch that should things get out of hand we may even revolt as the French did. They knew while the proud working man was begging for work in the gutter as they dined in the finest houses, sooner or later something would give, there was a recession on after all. Divide and Rule is the English way, after all War was the perfect and most profitable solution. Even our German Royal family changed their name to look like one of us. I apologise for the length of this rant, the question was of the Jew’s and this was along the lines of my answer;

I still can not get my head around how the “alleged” most powerful group of people in the world would conscript every young man and woman they have to serve in their military to face a lifetime of fear and resentment? It was Britain who orchestrated the Balfour agreement and Britain who sold Israel the means to make nuclear weapons in the 50’s – behind America’s back I might add and they have “allegedly” been blackmailing America with them before the Iraq war. Today in our newspapers I see all the propaganda we were sold about Hitler’s Germany being the enemy, only this time on the face of it they are using the Muslims as the enemy while the old Jewish propaganda remains alive and kicking on the underground.

I can say a few things of which I know for certain, the average Britain is spotted on security cameras over 300+ time’s a day and it hasn’t stopped crime or the drug’s coming into the country or the dealer’s selling them. In fact we don’t need to resort to war on our own borders anymore because most of our young men are too high, stoned and paranoid to ask anyone for a job anyway. In fact, those that sent the young men that did want a job to illegal, orchestrated wars have got away with bloody murder yet again. History has indeed repeated itself. But on the same note I don’t think that there is a country left on this planet that has been unscathed in one way or another by British imperialism, the Americans refused to be our upper classes surf’s and slaves and every single country in the world cheered them on from the sidelines when they opposed our taxes. We are meant to be an advanced western civilised country yet if our young kid’s aren’t killing themselves in a mass suicidal psyop they are killing each other. They were borne into a world of destructive bullshit meant to debilitate us both from mind and soul. I guess that’s what this wee blog is about in a way, don’t just take my word for anything – go and seek the fact’s and the truth for yourself, yes we are brainwashed into being humble sheep and surfs but the reality my friend is we were once a warrior nation and you were borne to be a warrior too. Don’t fight against your brother, look for the truth and shield yourself in the knowledge that when you find it – your brother is your friend and you are not alone.


Maybe it’s a bit like the three stages of truth? Maybe we are all just going through the motions?


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One Response to The three stages of truth.

  1. Unknown says:

    A most excellent blog Miss Smith, I know the feeling of hearing some brainwashed sheep towing the line of the propaganda and wanting to just shout and scream in to the face of the……..hmmm…..poor sod who knows no different.
    Yes, the Jewish question, who the hell is pulling the strings? And now that people aren\’t falling for the terrorist shite ( excuse my french)…see our new enemy has (RE)emerged…A new  cold war….lol…makes you laugh. Same idiots, different face.
    Please go look at my new slide show, and listen along to the music.
    Keep safe and be well.
    Regards Jim.

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