I think this is another blog that is meant to be hushed up?

I live in a little seaside town called Cleethorpes just off the north east coast of England. Sometime ago Britain experienced an earth quake that was felt as far as Scotland and France. Well, Cleethorpes is literally a few miles from the epicentre of this most unusual quake. The reason it was unusual was because Britain is not actually located on the edge of any tectonic plates, which has always been the scientific explanation for the phenomenon. To be honest, I have to admit at first I thought the MoD were playing silly buggers with some new fancy weaponry they might be trying out but then I learnt that in fact we (Britain) are nothing more than one giant underground gas storage facility for BP and the likes. Yes, those very companies that have invented fuel poverty in the UK (thousands of pensioners die every winter because they are too afraid of turning the gas fire on and getting into debt, in fact that’s the real silent killer of gas). Yes, those very companies that the government want your income tax for (I do believe demanding it off the companies themselves is nothing more than the usual spin and rhetoric – a bit like how you give your money to Brussels (the European Union) so they can give it straight back to the wealthiest land owners we have in subsides, for example the queen) to give to those on benefits in a windfall payment so they can give it straight to the gas companies for yet another killing, they have well and truly got our entire country by the balls. Any minute, any second now, the lot of us could go ka’boom thanks to the likes of BP and Royal Dutch Shell. I guess it is totally illegal to distribute this document I found on the web (you’ll see that for yourself if you read it) but what the hell? someone put it on here for a reason. Check it out!

Oh and by the way yes, I was awake when the quake struck, in fact I jumped out of bed and shouted “dear Jesus Christ” it’s odd to think of the last words you might utter in the confusion of not knowing whether you and your kids are going to get crushed to death – I guess I now know what mine might have been.

(the first links are of the distance between me and the “alleged” epicentre)




(& the alleged)




This is the link for the document I stole from the gas company (it’s been copyrighted by the crown)


We need to be looking at page (by the adobe reader 292 and a little place just near me called “Killingholme” now that’s apt – isn’t it?) Sorry I haven’t worked out how to steal pictures from copyrighted adobe documents yet – but I promise I’ll keep on trying till I do!)


I’ve just found this on Secret Bases.com (apologies for the plagiarism) but the link is worth a look.

Government Pipelines and Storage System (GPSS)

All of the major RAF and USAF airbases around the UK, together with key installations such as AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield, are connected to large oil refineries around the coastline using a massive network of underground high pressure pipelines and Petroleum Storage Depots (PSD), referred to as the Government Pipelines and Storage System (GPSS).

The GPSS also connects into various commercial pipeline systems maintained by the likes of Esso, Conoco, TotalFinaElf, etc. and the network is fully described on a public website:-


As an after thought – there is never a man in uniform around when you really need one, is there?

For more info on our underground network and the MoD’s planning applications for rights to it, visit;


Even Harold Wilson the ex Labour PM was talking about a secret military coup going on, yes right here at home in Briton, right under our noses and on our doorsteps and that was years ago!


You have to admit it makes you wonder who the MoD are working for? Either way someone is making a killing.

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  1. Unknown says:

    You go girl ( as someone once said on the hypnosis box).
    Be safe.

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