A New Career

I haven’t blogged for a while as I have just started my new job as a carer and settling into a new routine takes a while. I’m actually getting paid to care for people so it’s money for nothing to me. Yes I have my fair share of poo to deal with but don’t we all? And it is the most honest yet rewarding way of earning a living I could think of. In the past couple of weeks I’ve had more kisses of gratitude and kindness than I’ve probably had in my entire life so I can’t complain.

I have to rant about my son though. 20 years of my life devoted to one of the best reasons I ever had to live, 20 years of love and devotion and forgiveness for past mistakes whilst still learning (and that’s still his attitude to me most of the time). I’ve done my best and been rewarded with a friend I am proud to call my son. He went through college and passed his training but time’s are tough and jobs aren’t that easy to come by so we plod along the best we can. He went on a government initiative course this week to get him back into work and one of the first to come along for a chat with the lads to offer him a nice secure career? Was the army recruiting sergeant. Being my son he had the knowledge and experience first hand of what our military machine does to people, his own step grandfather was exactly who it says he was on the top of my blog. He’s also going through an emotional phase too, he grew up listening to me playing Gun’s and Roses “Civil War” whilst ranting my own rants as he took solace from his own form of music mainly Eminem and Kid Rock who both made more sense to him than his own father.

What I guess I’m trying to say is it infuriated me that the first offer of secure employment offered to my son was by my stepfathers ugly bloody killing machine (the military industrial complex is as alive and kicking in Britain as it always was), because that’s exactly what it is. What I am proud to say as his mother is he grew up in full knowledge of the truth.

So I’m not sorry to say this to the recruiting sergeant “you can’t have him – he’s paid his dues already”.

I’ve found there is only one thing you can fight a lie with – and that’s the truth. And even the best bulls shitters around can’t argue with that.

Here is a song this week reminded me of.


I’d just like to say thank you to all those allies that knew the truth before me.

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One Response to A New Career

  1. Unknown says:

    welcome back and good for you and your son. As long as you are getting a reward in kindness as well as monies. Unfortunately money is the root of all evil as put by Pink Floyd.
    So as you see by the news ( I use that word very very loosely) One bank goes belly up, then another…etc…Heading full steam ahead toward the one world bank to nicely accomodate the one world army ( NATO) to accomodate the one world order. I will still be heard though as a voice amongst many a growing crowd who see through the crap and lies that is constantly being spewed out by a term they use called spin. So annoying that they pay arsewipes a huge amount of money to gloss over the lies and secrecy that they dish out on a daily basis. It is also sad that the populace is submerged in total shit reality TV to dumb down the masses.
    I think its a revolution on a massive scale we need to wake up the sheep…I might stasrt by blowing up the TV transmitters…No more Coronation street, Emerdale, east enders…or ant and dec….Back to the real world and the real monsters..You think they could handle it?
    You take care and good luck in your new job.
    Regards  Jim.

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