Life boats at the ready this ship is sinking

It aint easy being the step daughter of a top brass butcher and stepsister of one of the biggest dealers in town. Hell even the police have told me it’s only the revenue from the illegal drugs trade that’s keeping our economy afloat. It’s the ugly god’s honest truth & they are still recruiting young lads to go die for it (the profits we can make in Afghanistan that is). Our entire military culture is based on a pack of lies, murder and institutional abuse. They run our political system and they run our f’in town hall’s, they also run our police force, they call themselves MI5, did no one ever tell them military intelligence is a contradiction in terms?

Well done chaps for pooing on your own doorstep yet again.

Now we’ve all gone to the dogs

Here is a big fat ugly picture for you

It’s called Dope, inc (It’s also a book)

& you’ll find my stepfather here

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One Response to Life boats at the ready this ship is sinking

  1. Unknown says:

    good for you miss smith, i cant use my pc at the moment, it went to melt down, im using Rons at the moment. did you get to see my latest ( amblings) before it crashed?
    take care. im off to look at the other things yourve posted.

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