It’s that month again – when the Angels cry all day long – November,

The month we remember our fallen hero’s and value the freedoms we hold dear today, or at least that’s what I was brought up to believe. And then I grew up to find out that just like Santa Clause was another dirty lie, the men in our world wars didn’t sacrifice their lives for our freedom, they were sacrificed for the same bunch of homicidal maniacs that hold the reigns of power today and freedom is just another illusion designed to lull us into a false sense of security.

My real father was many things including a bastard, a brainwashed patriotic one at that. There were many things he never got to say before he died at the age of 55, he couldn’t, the doctor said he had cancer and the next thing we knew his voice box was surgically removed. He was dyslexic so there was no dying confession that he may have wanted to share. I’d always known in my heart that it wasn’t the removal of his voice box that killed him. I recently found out what I believe did. This blog is about legalised euthanasia which they say is against the law in this country.

You can ask the doc about this one if you don’t believe me.

When the body is very sick it takes all of the strength it can muster to fight off the infection and all of the vital organs it needs to do just that depends on the human brain to keep them going. It’s the very last organ in the body that dies and the most vital one we have to keep us alive and all of our vital organs depend on it. When someone is administered a dose of morphine for the pain the very first thing morphine does is slow down and dope the brain to the point of it being unable to function properly. The fighting chance our vital organs may have had of staving off the infection is slowly debilitated by the brains inability to function. Hence the minute the morphine comes out, unless you are ready and willing to totally give up on life, please remember this blog and tell your doctor to go shove his syringe where the sun don’t shine.

I hope that made sense.

He died on the 22nd of November 1993, 11 day’s after the 11th day of the 11th month he spent all of his life remembering.

I’m on the verge of quitting my job in the care home. It’s looking like I may have to pull pint’s for a living in my local – or something like that?


The cruel irony of this blog? Morphine = Opium = Afghanistan = drugs trade legal & otherwise = the reason our men are in Afghanistan, but you thought we went there because of 9/11?

And they still want you to wear a bloody poppy!

For those that are unaware the poppy you wear for Remembrance Sunday is an opium plant “opiates” being that which we used to screw China with and every other country with since. Hence the phrase “Opium” WAR.

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2 Responses to It’s that month again – when the Angels cry all day long – November,

  1. DARK ASSASSIN says:

    pint of lager please lol….
    my mum died 19th December and every Christmas is a nightmare . my heart goes out to you xxhugs xx 
    oh i changed my name but you;ll work out who i am ????

  2. Unknown says:

    Yea Miss Smith, i can only agree with your blog. They make it so the youth have no escape and the only way out is to enlist to further thier filthy demands of humankind. Total enslavement and obediance. Like all wars past, the super rich and the illuminati enjoy the gameshow of all the slaughter as they sit and rake in the coins from both sides of the conflict. In Afganastan, the poppy fields have been expanded, it was one of the first operations to be carried out.My own rememberance was in a poem i wrote for our youth who went to the slaughter of the summer of 1940, the war that the parasites in the monarchy supported the other side…Yes you read that correct, the so called royals were supporters of hitler.I will post my poem to your mail ok?keep well and keep shouting, good girl.Regards Jim.

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