Waiting for God.

Old folk, don’t we just love them? Every year around this time we rally them into droves and ship them off to the doctors for their annual flu jabs. Then we wonder why so many of them kick the bucket this time of year – that’s if they are lucky, some unfortunate souls develop Alzheimer’s and unless you’ve seen first hand the dignity it deprives human beings of then it’s a challenge conveying it into words. Once a loved one has developed the problem the family goes through two bereavements, yep they loose them twice, first to the illness the second is just a slow ride to the inevitable. It’s not the most dignified way to go that’s for sure.

Either way it’s the time of year they drop like flies. I’m sure there is statistics out there somewhere to prove it.



Here’s a video about mercury, the poison we lovingly encourage them to have a dose of each year!


As an after thought it’s about fluoride too, the poison that was very first pioneered in the Nazi concentration camps. Have you ever wondered who it was exactly that won the bloody war?

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One Response to Waiting for God.

  1. Unknown says:

    Yea the jab….i dont EVER take jabs, for the other reason that they might be putting tracking chips in your system. Also did you know that this year they have added a festive flavour to the flu jab and it now has added  H15V, yes thats right…..bird flu.makes you wonder eh?…and they are depopulating where they can Take care and keep safe.Jim

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